The race, known as Carrera Solar Atacama 2014, will get help from the Globalsat Group in order to insure communication where traditional mobile coverage is not available. Carrera Solar Atacama will use Iridium satellite phones and solar chargers provided by Globalsat Chile, the local member of the group.

(PRWEB) November 06, 2014 -- With 26 confirmed teams in the competition, activities begin with a classification stage in the town of Alto Hospicio from November 10th to November the 12th. The race itself, which takes place in the Atacama Desert from the 13th to the 17th, passes through several towns within the desert area.

For J. Alberto Palacios, CEO of the Globalsat Group, the first Pan-America Mobile Satellite Services provider, "having a role in this kind of event is very important to us, because we believe that sustainable energy technology will have a fundamental role in the future of telecommunications."

Oscar Moreira, Sales Manager of Globalsat Chile adds that "the equipment provided by Globalsat allows voice and text communication anywhere in the World, and can therefore be an important factor in the safety and convenience of working in zones with no earth-based coverage, as is the case in the Atacama desert."

Teams from three of the world's five continents will be racing; Japan is represented by the Tokai team, and teams from the American continent are from Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela. Local participation is highlighted by the presence of Chile's most important universities and also some schools.

The Atacama desert region is sparsely populated, with most towns located along the Pacific coast, thus there are vast zones with no cellular or land-based telecommunications service. The use of satellites is the only fast, secure and easy way to keep in touch in case something goes wrong.

In addition to providing the mobile satellite phones and service themselves, specialized personnel from Globalsat Chile have been training staff from the organization hosting the event. Even though satellite phones look similar and their dialing system is almost the same as that of traditional cellular telephones, important details need to be addressed which can make a difference in the event of an emergency. There is no time to make mistakes when a delay can cause the loss of life or property.

According to Moreira "sometimes providers do not take the time to advise clients on critical details; for example it is very important to program the phones with the numbers which will be needed in case of an emergency, this way communication during an unexpected event is not slowed down by looking up numbers or by manual dialing errors. We take it upon ourselves to teach users about how to make the most of this technology, and this occasion is no exception."

Globalsat Group is the first Pan-American consortium of companies in the MSS (Mobile Satellite Service) sector and a leading provider of satellite communication services since 1999, with offices in Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and the United States, as well as distributors in the region's most important cities.

The Globalsat Group serves thousands of customers, providing a wide array of satellite services including voice, data and tracking in the air, land and sea for sectors such as Government, Oil & Gas, Defense, Media, Mining, Banking, Agriculture, NGOs and Tourism. Services are provided both directly to customers and also through distributors. For more information about Globalsat Group solutions please visit

Carrera Solar Atacama is an event, which brings together teams from all over the World. The race generates innovation and research in photovoltaic technologies, helps in the development of electrical mobility and creates awareness over the importance of renewable energy. The competition also promotes an environment for collaboration and networking among students and professionals. More details are available at