Globalsat Day Colombia 2019 connects users and mobile satellite services and equipment in Bogota

For the 3rd time in Bogotá and 6th in LatAm, Globalsat Day connected clients and partners with focus on satellite solutions for mission-critical communications

Bryan Hartin Executive VP of Sales & Marketing at Iridium, joined the team that hosted the Globalsat Day Colombia 2019

BOGOTA, COLOMBIA, November 12, 2019 / -- The event, organized by Globalsat Colombia, the local subsidiary of the Globalsat Group, hosted a diverse group of attendees in the traditional style promoted by Globalsat consisting of exhibitions and relaxed conversations with experts, in addition to hands-on experience with live satellite communication equipment and services..

As an outstanding partner of the multi-country conglomerate, Iridium was present with senior staff including Bryan Hartin, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Iridium, who is in charge of global sales and product development teams. Hartin provided news updates about the rollout the Next constellation and Certus services. During 2019 Iridium completed a new US $ 3 billion network, which by adding capacity and power allows new services and a better relationship between bandwidth, antenna size and terminal weight, while maintaining

This style of event, where we combine presentations and hands on, allows us to establish a pleasant and productive contact with potential and current clients with a proven and very successful format”
Elkin González
Country Manager of Globalsat Colombia

compatibility with traditional “legacy” Iridium services. The new terminals provide better voice quality and soon the data service will exceed 1 Mbps, maintaining enough portability for a terminal capable of communicating anywhere on the planet, including the poles, to be carried in a backpack or suitcase.

Two Globalsat Group equipment manufacturing business partners were also presented at the event:

Thales provides Iridium Certus MissionLink solutions (broadband equipment and 3 voice lines for moving land communications) and Iridium Certus VesseLink (broadband equipment and 3 voice lines for maritime communications).

Icom, a leading brand with recognized experience in the development of two-way radio communication systems worldwide, has developed the first and so far only third-party satellite terminal for Iridium PTT (Push to Talk or "Press to Talk") mode.


Elkin González, Country Manager of Globalsat Colombia, comments that "this style of event, where we combine conversation, presentation and exhibition, allows us to establish a very pleasant and productive contact with potential and current clients. In accordance with our client-centered philosophy, we talk about any project that a visitor has in mind, and we immediately add value, match technology to ideas and analyze each case with our partners instantly and multi-directionally.This format proved to be very successful, since in addition to being methodologically productive it is a reflection of our transparent and direct way of doing business. "

About Globalsat Group

Founded in 1999, Globalsat Group is the first Pan-American mobile satellite services consortium (MSS) and the leading provider of voice, data, M2M / IoT, software and hardware solutions throughout the Western Hemisphere. The group has offices in the United States, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Puerto Rico and Mexico, as well as distributors in the most important cities in the region

Continuously and efficiently, Globalsat's land, sea and aeronautical solutions provide mission-critical communications to thousands of clients in all sectors, including energy, government, defense, media, mining, banking, agriculture, NGOs and tourism.

Recently, Globalsat Group was awarded the "Top Land Mobility Satcom Innovation Award" by the Mobile Satellite Services Users Association (MSUA). Globalsat was also named as the "Satellite Communications Company of Latin America of the Year" for two consecutive years (2016, 2017) by the highly recognized international consultancy firm Frost & Sullivan.

About Globalsat Colombia

Globalsat Colombia is the local subsidiary of the Globalsat Group, which as been licenced by the Colombian Government, through the Ministry of Telecommunications, for the provision of mobile satellite service for the entire Colombian territory, covering all solutions based on Inmarsat and Iridium networks, for a 30 year period.

Globalsat Colombia is currently in charge of satellite telephony and data solutions for critical users in areas such as oil & gas, civil government, defense, media, mining, banking, international cooperation and tourism, with a particular focus on providing satellite communication solutions to government and private entities.

From its office in Bogotá, Globalsat Colombia provides a wide variety of additional and value-added services, some exclusive and free of charge, such as the voice minutes and data packages tailored to each client, online access to call records, automated alarms, preventive locks, automated reports, as well as local customer support and hardware repair service.

All solutions provided by Globalsat Colombia have the corresponding distribution certifications, such as: Inmarsat Distribution Partner, Iridium Value Added Reseller, authorized distributor of satellite equipment for Cobham, Thales, Icom, Hughes, Intellian, Viasat and DeLorme (InReach equipment) among others, valid throughout the entire Colombian territory.

About Iridium

Iridium Communications Inc. is a publicly traded company based in McLean, Virginia, USA. The mobile voice and data communications solutions provided by this company are backed by a truly global and unique communications satellite network, with worldwide coverage that includes both poles, oceans and airways. It provides services for reliable and real-time critical communications, and creates fundamental communications links that help improve the quality of life, generate business and develop new opportunities. The Iridium constellation is the largest commercial satellite constellation in the world, and comprises 66 interconnected low-earth orbital satellites that function as a single fully meshed network. The architecture of the Iridium constellation guarantees high reliability and low latency.